The World As You Know It

This world is a small mostly water covered planet named Idris by the people who inhabit it. There are two moons. A small white moon that shines bright like a piercing gaze, and a large deep crimson one with an immense section of it just destroyed and the debris makes this moon appear as if it is bleeding.

The Continents of this planet are:

1. Hadgar, a land one might call a feudal state in which might makes right. Swords clash, men die, and the summer means war in this land. Despite the violence, it has a lush farmland and forests which provide it with a food surplus. Three States exist on this continent. Dartfell is an elected monarchy that formerly controlled the continent on the southern half of the continent. The north is controlled by Harvas, a new upstart kingdom controlled by twin priests whom started a rebellion against the Dartfell rule. They believe the gods favor their cause. Finally, on a small island guarding the central bay of the continent is the Freeport of Dirn. A powerful but neutral trade city whom wishes nothing more than to stop the war and resume trade. Both of the mainland kingdoms use a system of Marshall’s electing a king from amongst themselves.

2. Servas, an empire ruled by the Half Dwarven Emperor Greg Stoutblood. Due to the united nature of the continent and it’s relatively broad climate zones, many races have settled here and as a result, it is a mostly tolerant melting pot of sorts in the world. The capital city is the dwarven fortress called Mountains Maw. It is a bronze figure that resembles a large dwarven king’s face in full battle regalia. His mouth hangs open and stairs line it and serve as an entrance to the mountain fort where as the stairs and entrance are framed by massive bronze arms forming walls on either side and one holds a warhammer and the other a craftsman’s hammer.

3. Kindine, the continent of the wilds. Inhabiting this land are only dwarves and the elvish races. A xenophobia pervades the Elvish culture on this continent and as such, all outsiders are either ejected or killed upon landing on the shores. To the north, the montains begin and for a natural wall and home for the dwarves whom use the mountains and their ore to their glee. The plains on the opposite side of the mountain are small but fertile enough to support the dwarvish populations. The continent is an untamed wild mess with no real law besides in the dwarven holds.

4. Acier, the cold land. The Land of Acier is divided up into 4 different tribes whom convene in a small island in the center of the continent to consult the Prophetess of The Ice. The four tribes have each a central stronghold from which they operate but large settlements outside of these cities are usually the norm. Small groups are too hard to gather and it puts a strain on survival.

Past events of this world:

Idris has been a relatively quiet and normal world up until about 240 years ago. Servas was suddenly founded under the military and diplomatic wit of Emperor Greg and opened diplomatic relations with the other countries of the world. 227 years before the story started, a great tragedy happened. A group of necromancers whom sought power at any and all costs gathered in the ocean above the ruins of what they believed to be the land the gods inhabited. These Necromancers killed themselves to come back as the Liches and Demiliches that the world fears today. This massive necrotic energy reacted with the sanctified ground beneath their ships and cause a massive blast of energy to be released, creating the blackened Grimsbleak sea and destroying 1/3rd of the Burning moon, now renamed the bleeding heart. After this, the liches began to prepare and 156 years ago, The Blighted Hordes started attacking. 11 Years of warfare against undead horrors began and devastated the world but the living eventually pushed the undead mostly back. The survivors and the living populace still fear the threat of invasion and the Liches left some of their strongest forces behind to guard large dark crystaline structures that seem to be forcing a light into the sky….

The World As You Know It

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